Fear of physics(Neet Aspirant)

I have been observing for many years, there is a fear of physics among the NEET aspirants. And this becomes so lossful for them. Even though they are good in the rest of the two subject I.e biology and chemistry and that’s why they don’t get admission in a good medical college, I mean good

7 Ways To Overcome Procrastination Forever 02 1 1100x619
Say no to Procrastination

Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage. I call it a short-term last resort. If you let procrastination go, it can take over your life. In the following exercises, I can increase your awareness of how procrastination may be interfering with your work.

5 Methods of Energizing and Motivating Your Students

Are your students performing their very best in your class and completing all learning activities on time? Do they always want to be involved in class discussions, eager to be part of the conversations, while demonstrating what they have learned from the assigned reading? Or do you have a typical mix of students, with some

Top 5 Strategies to Enhance IIT JEE Online Preparation

Every year more than 10 lakh engineering aspirants appear for IIT JEE. Students put in their best efforts to secure a place in the most coveted IITs and bag a high paying job. In the year 2014, approximately 13 lakh students appeared for JEE Mains and about 1.5 lakh qualified for JEE Advanced Exam. With

e learning Critical Analysis

Over recent years, we’ve been inceasingly amazed by technology that provides us with easier ways of accomplishing many things. Doing business, shopping, researching, holding meetings, dating and keeping in touch with our distant friends can now all be done electronically. Elearning is one of these technological advances that allows us to learn anywhere anytime. Elearning

The Right Time to Start Preparing for NEET

Coaching centres are the preferred choice for most students as they don’t want to miss the chance to ace the NEET exam. Gone are the days when tuitions were popular to get extra help; nowadays, coaching is considered to be a vital part of the preparation to succeed in the exam. Parents fear that their

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7 Ways To Overcome Procrastination Forever 02 1 1100x619

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7 Ways To Overcome Procrastination Forever 02 1 1100x619